Housing Benefit Award Accuracy

    Why have I been contacted to review my Housing Benefit claim?

    Your claim has been selected for review due to a new initiative from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) called Housing Benefit Award Accuracy. The aim is to ensure that you are being paid the correct amount of Housing Benefit and to identify if you may have had any changes in your circumstances. 

    Starting in October 2020, we will receive part of a list of claims from DWP that require a review. 

    If your claim is selected for review we will contact you and ask you to provide details of your current circumstances such as your household’s income, capital, and who currently lives with you. 

    • If you have been asked to provide evidence as part of the review you can provide this via the ‘Submit Online Benefit Documents’ at the online Benefits Portal
    • If you need to report a change of circumstances you can do this via the ‘Report Change in Circumstances’ at the online Benefits Portal

    The review of your claim must be completed so it is important that you respond to any letters, telephone calls or visits that you receive from us. If you do not respond your claim will be passed to the assessment team for cancellation. You would not be able to reapply for Housing Benefit and would have to claim Universal Credit to include Housing Costs (you would still be able to reapply for Local Council Tax Support from us).  

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