Borough and Parish Election Results 5 May 2011

    All Borough election results have now been posted. See below for seats won and individual ward results.

    Election Results by Party

    Party Name Seats Won
    Conservative 38
    Labour 17
    Liberal Democrats 2
    Green Party 1
    UKIP 0
    Other 1


    Elected Borough Councillors by Ward

    Overall turnout figure for the Borough - 45.93%

    Candidates marked with (E) have been elected.

    Barlaston and Oulton

    Name of Candidate Description Result
    BAKKER-COLLIER Lynne Conservative 793 (E)
    JONES Evan Gareth Rowland Conservative 901 (E)
    RUSSELL John Liberal Democrat 646
      Turnout 48.2%


    Name of Candidate Description Result
    EDGELLER Ann Patricia Conservative 1,183 (E)
    MILLICHAP Ann Labour 631
    SEABROOK Paul Liberal Democrat 111
    SELLMAN Graham John Liberal Democrat 150
    SMITH Diana Labour 537
    TRAINOR Paul James Conservative 918 (E)
      Turnout 54.4%


    Name of Candidate Description Result
    BEATTY Frances Elizabeth Conservative 598 (E)
    MCKEOWN Susan Anita Independent 261
      Turnout 54.7%

    Church Eaton

    Name of Candidate Description Result
    ATKINSON Rose Conservative 368
    PLANT Chris Labour 76
    STAMP Barry James Liberal Democrat 576 (E)
      Turnout 58.9%


    Name of Candidate Description Result
    BARRON Jenny Conservative 357
    BARRON Ray Conservative 395
    DAVIES Simon Andrew   297
    MURRAY Andrew Green 170
    SIMPSON William Robert Labour 578 (E)
    THORLEY Julian Labour 543 (E)
      Turnout 42.1%


    Name of Candidate Description Result
    BLOOMER Len Conservative 236
    CANTRILL James Edward George Conservative 250
    KEMP Jack Labour 596 (E)
    WELCH Tony Labour 494 (E)
      Turnout 31.1%


    Name of Candidate Description Result
    CHAPMAN Frank Arthur Conservative 1,605 (E)
    GREGORY Cathy Labour 654
    JONES Peter Wallace Conservative 1,581 (E)
    KENNEDY Ros Labour 510
    PERT Jeremy Michael Conservative 1,425 (E)
    SCOTT Pauline UK Independence (UKIP) 420
      Turnout 47.8%


    Name of Candidate Description Result
    BARON Chris Liberal Democrat 607 (E)
    BOARDMAN Keith Conservative 280
    COMPTON Maureen Rosalind Labour 457
    DAVIS Rebecca Conservative 229
    HARRIS Tom Green Party 495 (E)
    PEARCE Lisa Mary Green Party 297
    SEARY David Richard Liberal Democrat 358
      Turnout 45.1%


    Name of Candidate Description Result
    CHESWORTH Rob Labour 722
    DODSON Michael George Conservative 1,182 (E)
    HOLMES Tony Conservative 1,239 (E)
    ROYCROFT Peter Conservative 1,175 (E)
      Turnout 42.6%

    Gnosall and Woodseaves

    Name of Candidate Description Result
    BEVINGTON Andy Labour 703
    HARTSHORNE John Labour 515
    KELLY Ann Conservative 1,699 (E)
    MALVERN Chris Labour 628
    SMITH Mike Conservative 1,566 (E)
    WILLIAMSON Ken Conservative 1,619 (E)
      Turnout 48.5%

    Haywood and Hixon

    Name of Candidate Description Result
    CARRINGTON Andrew Thomas Independent 496
    GILBERT Paul Independent 582
    HOLLINSHEAD Amy Louise Labour 356
    HOLLINSHEAD Sharon Labour 338
    MCKEOWN Brendan Independent 653
    MOSLEY John Ewart Independent 431
    PEARCE Rolfe Gordon Labour 468
    PERKINS Alan John Conservative 1,083 (E)
    STAFFORD NORTHCOTE Amyas Henry Conservative 1,182 (E)
    TABERNOR Jean Elizabeth Conservative 1,207 (E)
      Turnout 49.6%

    Highfield and Western Downs

    Name of Candidate Description Result
    BOWEN Maureen Labour 945 (E)
    GODFREY Aidan Thomas Arthur Labour 922 (E)
    JENNINGS Ivan Francis James Kingston Conservative 773
    NIXON James Anthony Conservative 705
    O'CONNOR Stephen Labour 851 (E)
    TROWBRIDGE Carolyn Velma Conservative 699
      Turnout 39.4%


    Name of Candidate Description Result
    BHAKHRI Ravi Rai Labour 980 (E)
    CROSS Bryan Conservative 1,030 (E)
    FRANCIS Sue Conservative 887
    HYND Roland Thomas British National 151
    JAMES Frank Douglas Joseph Labour 1,043 (E)
    RAMSAY Alan James Labour 956
    SIMPSON Charles Edward Conservative 944
      Turnout 43.7%


    Name of Candidate Description Result
    BOWYER David John Conservative 902
    DRAPER Rowan    Labour 1,043 (E)
    HOLLINSHEAD Ian  Labour 1,006 (E)
    JENNINGS Mary Elizabeth Conservative 885
    SKELLAND Denis James Conservative 897
    WINKLE Michael Philip Labour 961 (E)
      Turnout 43%


    Name of Candidate Description Result
    ELD Michael Edward Anthony Conservative 607
    FOSTER Ann Conservative 608
    HINE Robert Sidney Liberal Democrat 175
    LOUGHRAN Angela Labour 1,003 (E)
    ROWLANDS Geoff Labour 912 (E)
    ROWLANDS Trish  Labour 899 (E)
    TOWERS Julia Margaret Liberal Democrat 213
    WASHINGTON Neil David Conservative 488
      Turnout 39.4%


    Name of Candidate Description Result
    CASAMBROS Vic Labour 432
    FINLAY Frank  Conservative 1,200 (E)
    SMITH Ed Labour 452
    STEPHENS Robert William Conservative 1,084 (E)
      Turnout 44.3%


    Name of Candidate Description Result
    HARP Andrew Scott Conservative 616 (E)
    HERBERT Rosemary UK Independence (UKIP) 157
      Turnout 51.5%


    Name of Candidate Description Result
    COLLIER Cathy Conservative 392
    COOKE Ralph Philip Labour 680 (E)
    MILLICHAP Malcolm Labour 622 (E)
    SIMPSON Rosemary Elizabeth Conservative 372
      Turnout 37.6%


    Name of Candidate Description Result
    ALLAN David     Conservative 868 (E)
    FARRINGTON Patrick Milton McLean Conservative 783 (E)
    HARDING Kate Green Party 222
    HOBBS Anne Denise Labour 759
    HOBBS Bob Labour 711
    SEVILLE Cathie Ginette Liberal Democrat 146
      Turnout 51.7%


    Name of Candidate Description Result
    COOPER Duncan Labour 307
    KEY Diane Mary Independent 268
    SUTHERLAND Ray Conservative 1,070 (E)
    TAYLOR Barrie Labour 307
    WINNINGTON Mark James Conservative 1,088 (E)
      Turnout 57.1%

    St. Michael's

    Name of Candidate Description Result
    BROWN Lloyd Michael Labour 541
    COLLIER Geoff  Conservative 735 (E)
    DAVIES Lin Independent 341
    ILLSLEY Andrew Ettore UK Independence (UKIP) 197
    JONES Kim David Labour 446
    JONES Philip      Conservative 733 (E)
      Turnout 45.5%

    Stonefield and Christchurch

    Name of Candidate Description Result
    ABBOTT Michael John Labour 424
    FARNHAM Joyce Winifred Conservative 845 (E)
    KENNEY Rob Independent 504
    LEASON Philip Anthony Independent 590 (E)
    PRICE June Conservative 528
    YOUNG Peter Nicholas Labour 378
      Turnout 42.8%


    Name of Candidate Description Result
    HIGHFIELD Stan Conservative 1,124 (E)
    JAMES Roy Arthur   530
    PRICE Brian Conservative 947 (E)
    SCOTT Daniel UK Independence (UKIP) 257
      Turnout 45.9%


    Name of Candidate Description Result
    DAVIES Isabella Conservative 660 (E)
    ESSEX Jane Labour 560
    GOODLAND Peter George Conservative 602 (E)
    MILLN Jeremy James Green Party 145
    NIXON Tony Labour 504
      Turnout 43.5%


    Name of Candidate Description Result
    BRUNT Harry Labour 656
    CAREY Mike Conservative 1,009 (E)
    GOODALL Margaret Rose Conservative 900 (E)
    GREEN Mark Leslie   469
    HOOD Jill Independent 740
    SAWYER Becky Labour 469
    TAYLOR Julie Labour 517
    WILLIAMSON Mike Conservative 824 (E)
      Turnout 46%

    Weeping Cross

    Name of Candidate Description Result
    BARBER Jack Labour 976
    BOYLE John William Labour 726
    DALGARNO Judith Mary  Conservative 1,750 (E)
    FRANCIS John  Conservative 1,617 (E)
    HEENAN Mike  Conservative 1,592 (E)
    SOPER Victoria Labour 697
      Turnout 52.1%

    Parish Election Results

    Overall turnout 44.19%


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