County Council Election 5 May 2005 - Results

    Candidate Description Votes Cast (E) Elected

    Eccleshall Division

    Henry Butter The Conservative Party Candidate 3378 (E)
    David Geoffrey Kirby Liberal Democrat 1360
    Rosalind Ann Kennedy

    The Labour Party Candidate


    Gnosall and Doxey Division

    Mark James Winnington The Conservative Party Candidate 3757 (E)
    Barry James Stamp Liberal Democrat 2696
    Anthony Nixon The Labour Party Candidate 1756

    Stafford Central Division

    Maureen Rosalind Compton The Labour Party Candidate 2990 (E)
    Christine Alice Baron Liberal Democrat 1974
    Amyas Henry Stafford Northcote The Conservative Party Candidate 1702

    Stafford North Division

    Robert James Simpson The Labour Party Candidate 3202 (E)
    Dennis Philp Conservative Party Candidate 1690
    Cathie Ginette Halliday Liberal Democrat 893
    Josie Clare Whitney Green Party 245

    Stafford South East Division

    Michael Jack Barber The Labour Party Candidate 3741 (E)
    John Stuart France The Conservative Party Candidate 3550
    James Jared Affleck Liberal Democrat 1475

    Stafford Trent Valley Division

    Leonard Winston Bloomer The Conservative Party Candidate 3273 (E)
    Brendan McKeown Liberal Democrat 1795
    John Herbert Kennedy The Labour Party Candidate 1629
    Edward Andrew Clarke Green Party 296

    Stafford West Division

    Michael John David Poulter The Labour Party Candidate 3658 (E)
    Trevour Houlton The Conservative Candidate 2171
    Frank Douglas Joseph James Libertal Democrat 1459

    Stafford Rural Division

    Ian Michael Parry The Conservative Party Candidate 3198 (E)
    Alison Ruth Wedgwood The Labour Party Candidate 1866
    John Alan Russell Liberal Democrat 1298

    Stone Urban Division

    Vincent Trevor John Wakefield The Labour Party Candidate 3188 (E)
    Philip Ezra Jones The Conservative Party Candidate 2667
    Peter Richard Stevens Liberal Democrat 2210



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