Financial Assistance

    Listed below are some of the funding schemes available to eligible businesses based in Stafford Borough or those looking to relocate into the area. 

    What ever your plans (e.g. adapting premises, purchasing capital equipment, up-skilling your staff, undertaking product innovation or introducing more efficient manufacturing techniques) the Business Engagement Team is here to help you every step of the way. 

    For further information simply complete our enquiry form providing us with information about your business expansion plans.

    Alternatively feel free to contact us direct on tel 01785 61900 asking for Mary Timmis or email

    Below is a range of some of the funding schemes currently available:

    • Small Business Grant Scheme – up to 60% grants ranging from £1,500 to £10,000, to help eligible businesses fund projects associated with premises expansion/refurbishment and/or the purchase of capital equipment. Businesses who have received a Small Business Grant since April 2019 are not eligible to apply again.
    • Grants for Growth – up to 30% capital grants ranging from £10,000 to £160,000, to help eligible businesses expand premises, buy equipment and machinery. Revenue grants up to 60% are also available towards website development, advice and consultancy.
    • SBEN Low Carbon Business Enterprise – offers a free specialist low carbon review to B2B’s on how to make savings around energy efficiency.  A grant up to 60% ranging between £2K and £20K is also available to help undertake low carbon installations 
    • Investment Readiness Programme - A 60% grant ranging between £1,000 and £3,000 to assist businesses in the development and creation of business and strategic plans and financial forecasts, to help them prepare for growth and source funding. 
    • Manufacturing Growth Programme – offers free advice and grant funding to help manufacturing businesses become more competitive.  43% capital grants are available to a maximum project value of £25,000 to support improving productivity.  Revenue grants with a maximum spend of £10,000 for coaching, mentoring and consultation.
    • Gigabit Broadband Voucher – small and medium sized businesses  based in rural areas (as part of a joint project) can each apply for a voucher of £3,500, to claim against the installation cost of a gigabit capable connection for broadband.  Homes can also be included in a collective project with businesses, claiming vouchers of £1,500 each.
    • New Product Development Grant - A 37% grant up to a max of £9,000,  to help B2B businesses based in Staffordshire pay for external specialist advice to research, develop or launch to market a new product or service.

    For further information on how we can help contact:
    Mary Timmis
    Growth and Investment Officer

    Tel: 01785 619000

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