Licensing Alcohol and Entertainment

Who needs a licence?

Any business or organisation that sells/supplies alcohol on a permanent basis needs a Premises Licence.

Anyone who plans to sell/supply alcohol or authorise the sale/supply of alcohol must have a Personal Licence.  

Supply of alcohol and regulated entertainment in Member’s Clubs such as working men’s clubs, etc. require a Club Premise Certificate

If you are holding a small scale, ad hoc event for less than 500 people you will require a Temporary Event Notice

How much does a licence cost?

A premises licence fee is based on the non-domestic rateable value (NDRV) of the premises. You can check your rateable value at the Valuation Office Agency website. Please visit our Fees and Charges page for more information on what your application will cost. 

An annual renewal fee is payable to the Council for your premises licence to remain in place. 

You will also have to pay an additional fee where the premise exclusively or primarily sells alcohol, as well as the application fee. 

The fee is for the application, and not the granting of the Licence, so please ensure that the form is filled in correctly, as no refunds will be given.

How do I apply for a licence?

You will need to complete an application form and send it to the council, along with the correct fee. Depending on the type of application you are making you may also be required to send hard copies to the police and other Responsible Authorities.

Apply for a Premises Licence
Apply for a Personal Licence
Apply for a change in Designated Premises Supervisor
Apply for a Premises Licence Transfer
Tell us about a minor change to your premises (Minor Variation)
Apply to vary your Premises Licence
Apply for a Temporary Event Notice
Apply for a Club Premises Certificate
Apply for a Provisional Statement
Consent to be Designated Premises Supervisor
Notify us of an interest in premises under section 178
Apply for an Interim Authority Notice
Request to be removed as Designated Premises Supervisor
Notify us of a change of name or address

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